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Diskusi Mahasiswa: Asuransi Syariah

Today, in the class of Property Law & Persons taught by Mrs. Adilla Meytiara Intan, S.H., LL.M., one of the esteemed lecturers of STIH Adhyaksa whom we are proud of, we discussed “Islamic Insurance,” a system of insurance in accordance with Islamic Sharia principles.

Islamic insurance is an effort of mutual protection and assistance among a number of registered parties with investments in the form of assets or tabarru (charitable donations) that provide a return pattern to address specific risks through contracts compliant with Sharia principles. Islamic insurance does not contain elements of gharar (deception), maysir (gambling), riba (usury), zhulm (injustice), bribery, forbidden goods, and sinful acts.

During this session, we learned about the conditions, objectives, principles, types, examples, and factors that can invalidate Islamic insurance policies. We also compared Islamic insurance with conventional insurance and learned about the advantages and benefits of Islamic insurance in Indonesia.

Using collaborative and cooperative learning methods for a case study, students were assigned to discuss among themselves. Occasionally, there were disagreements and contrary opinions on a topic, approached with critical and respectful discussion until eventually bridging the opinion gap among the conflicting parties.

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